It’s an exciting time for our community at Be Able.

We’re glad you that you are here to experience the start of something extraordinary. This summer Phase 1 kicked off with the installation of our new HVAC system and all planned construction will wrap up later by June of 2023.

Phase 1 may not seem like much because it includes several things that we often take for granted: showers, laundry facilities and restrooms that are functional for the disabled.

Although they seem humble, these things are pivotal in the lives of our neighbors. When we are clean and look good, we are given the gift of dignity. Dignity is the underlying goal of the first phase of our Master Plan.

You can join us in bringing dignity to our community by giving directly to our capital campaign using the link below.

Master Plan

Design & Management || $226,000

Total Estimate || $1,876,000

Phase 1 || $117,000

  • Handicap Accessible Restrooms
  • New HVAC System and Roofing
  • Showers & Laundry Facilities

Phase 2 || $262,000

  • Makers Workshop
  • Interior Upgrades and Exterior Finishes

Phase 3 || $219,000

  • Distance Classroom
  • Exterior Deck

Phase 4 || $345,000

  • New Office Building on NW Corner
  • Parking Along North Alley

Phase 5 || $547,000

  • Remodel Family Common Room
  • Mezzanine Addition
  • Entry Vestibule

Phase 6 || $160,000

  • Outdoor Amphitheater
  • Green House

Our Plan for Growth

The following two graphics depict the Master Plan for the facilities at 431 S. 5th Street.

These plans came out of an organizational vision meeting in January of 2022. Bruce Grover of Cause Consultancy ( led the Be Able board, staff and volunteers through a process of evaluation and vision development with a focus on sustainable growth.

Steven Moser is aiding our long-term facility improvements through his decades of experience in master planning. Steven produced these graphics in order to give a visual tool to the long-term vision process.

This first graphic shows the main building. Some of the improvements to note are handicap accessible bathrooms in blue (phase 1), a distance learning classroom on the right (phase 3) and a renovated main lobby area scheduled for (phase 5).

The next graphic depicts the entire facility located at 5th and Yuma: the main building (red, bottom left), the secondary building (red, center) and the community garden on the far right.

Some of the master plan improvements to note are developing the secondary building into 2 separate areas:

  1. The west side will be used for showers/laundry facility and short-term personal storage (phase 2) and
  2. The east side will be developed into a maker’s studio or workshop area that will leverage the creativity of our community at Be Able.