Bringing Promise to the 
Manhattan Community

Hear Our Stories

Our neighbors achieve success on a daily basis down at Be Able. But these are often not the traditional ways we view or see success measured. Success for some could include simply picking themselves off the couch for a day and venturing outside for a walk around the block. It could look like finding a shower for the first time in 2 weeks. It could be staying sober for 9 days straight.
Whatever the achievement, we make it a point to celebrate each successful moment. Your story can be one of success too. And we hope you are inspired by these stories of others who overcame obstacles and rose to success.

Meet EJ:

“I’ve come so far in a small period of time… now I want to pay it forward.”

– EJ, the new director of Working Men of Christ transitional house in Manhattan

Meet Mark:

“I had nothing and Be Able helped me get identification, housing, clothing and even my glasses.”

– Mark, artist and winter warming shelter manager

Meet Armoni:

“Over the course of a week… everyday I would go to Be Able, and everyday a new door was opening for me.”

– Armoni, mother of two and Be Able volunteer

Meet Amanda:

“Had I not gone to Be Able, I don’t know where I’d be today.”

– Amanda, Just completed her substance abuse program and Be Able Volunteer

Meet Chris:

“For 7 years I was alone, and then I came to Be Able… everyone who comes in daily at Be Able, they love!”

From an upbringing that you wouldn’t wish for any person, Chris has found acceptance and a true family at Be Able.